Agenda 2020

How to enter







Anyone that has a part in making a film made with a total budget of less then $50.000 huislift and wants to promote it. You can write an email or send a letter why you're film has to get more attention and why your film deserves to get it. If your story gets picked we ask you to send us a copy of the film on dvd.

Approximately November 2020 we the jury of four film enthusiasts will ask the crews of the 10 films that appeals the most to us and that deserves to get more attention to come to Holland and attend the Festival

It doesn't matter which language your film is, or in which genre its in.
As long as it's original and if you think more people should see this film and it was made with a budget less then $50.000 and has more then 30 minutes of footage. if you qualify for all the rules you're welcome to enter.


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